Dr Faid || Hormones Malignant Peritoneal Mesothelioma Prognosis


Hormones are widely used as therapeutics in many diseases, and also widely used in meat and milk production. Some growth hormones are banned in many countries but some countries are still using growth hormones.

Hello still talking about the causes of cancer and as you might know that there are a lot of them a lot of factors that may cause a concern that may induce a concern and this factor may act together in the body not one day one factor but the meaning of them and you know that that there are several factors we can get in contact with them in the day so many many of them there are surrounding us and we could talk about some environmental factors that way that you which we cannot controls on the contamination or the pollution of the air or the atmosphere that might depend on the town on the air we are living and people should have to check and some early industrial activities should be controlled for the pollution of the air and also the pollution of water and so and the hadees' gas Casas and is the chemical compounds freed or release it in the air and the atmosphere like dioxin and like some is out who they carbon monoxide from ammonia and some refrigeration so appreciating gases that and a lot of them and also some the compounds that may come from the plastic burning or any other things this is hope that we cannot control them unfortunately but there is a regulation in the world it might depend in the country there has many revelations now our issue with the things and all the graduation and the pollution contamination by any chemical compound 

Some other factors inside the house like the cleaning materials and also the cosmetic material talk about them in another episode but also the cleaning materials and also the cosmetic materials are also involved with in concern as causes and some other factors like some agricultural products compounds like fertilizer and also pesticides they are heavily using out about the world for the production of some clouds like vegetables and some flowers and so on all the agriculture activity now is is working with these things fertilizer pesticides and and and much of them and also region even some some genetic engineering some genetically modified plants or some organisms like including infants on insects or filaments or foods and and a lot of them today we talk about hormones and these hormones also are that we have to distinguish we distinguish between two kinds of hormones or two at least two kinds of cases at the first case is the hormones use it as the treatments and you know that hormones now are prescribed by some doctors if or ladies having some dysfunction in this one some hormone dysfunction hormonal dysfunction like bleeding malaria and some other so that the doctor now prescribes that is hormones as a treatment for these ladies and also as the hormones are used also use it as contraceptives agents and he saw a huge amounts now are being used throughout the world and also hormones are used in hormonal therapy like in cancer for cancer the concrete metaphor reversing concept that some types of concern now are being reversed by hormonal therapy not chemotherapy and these hormones now are being heavily used by this first case when these hormones can be so are discarded in the natural they are contaminates from the natural and then can reach some water stream streams 

This water stream that so we can take the water for for for for the treatment of safe water so and these hormones that are not easy to remove from this whether they are very very hard to remove from the from these waters from contaminated waters and developed countries may have some sophisticated processes to remove these hormones and also to remove any those factors even chemical or biological like some microorganisms and also some nitrite still fight plastic materials and antibiotic hormones and who they should be removed from water to be safe and safe water means that it's free from any danger so but in some other countries like developing countries that they make not have this sophisticated processes because they are very expensive and some waters can be contaminated by even by some chemical or hormonal agents this is water and there is no chick there is now the tremble of determination there is no analyzes of this water and they should we as we as a non-government organization we are consumer protection organization now we are usually so as skin and we are always really chopped requiring that the chicken of these waters they are safe or not but they we get usually we get some papers about one day about nitrate should fight about some heavy metals and so on but about equal I above Salmonella and so microorganism some viruses and so on but we don't get any information about hormones and also about some other chemicals that can be used like antibiotics in these waters that because antibiotics also are discarded in their nature and they can be found in these water streams and they should be removed by the process just before this tribute in the safe water and water should be safe safe means free from any danger even hormonal chemical biological physical or in any anything unfortunately in some countries that the chicken is not him is not born so it's not a systemic chicken for these things 

The second case of hormones used in in the production in the production of meats of eggs and of milk so there is a severe and there is a hard this is a severe regulations harsh regulation in even in United States and also in Canada in the European Union's and Aminah countries like in New Zealand also in Australia and many countries now they have a so very strong regulation about these hormones and a lot of them now are banded like some surgeons like some androgens and a lot of them now are being banned in these countries but some others are still use it like the recombine bovine growth hormone rb/gh now is still used and that's that to give the somatotropin that the problematic because it may increase the milk by fifteen percent the amount is increased by 15 percent in indirect Africa in dairy cattle though and these hormones they even he uses they are 3-3 in in in nature and the antibiotics that because the I ricotta now is treated by some antibiotics and the huge amounts of antibiotics are now be used in husbandry in in animal breeding and these these antibiotics now can be found in these water streaming in the soil and also in the organic fertilizers that are used for some crabs and this diamond dairy cattle manure dairy cattle manure now is using for crabs and the diary Monica tree is contaminated by hormones that because some cows are treated by these hormones and also by antibiotics and by other all the chemicals and it can be Sophie it can contaminate and it can continue scrubs and we are now some crops are eaten by people as a row they don't cook them like some salads and green leaves and a lot of them and this regulation now in developed countries the regulation that is good there is a chicken and we in our countries unfortunately that we have no chicken now our lab determinations and we are now getting a heavy contamination even in soil and in crops and also in water from these streams that because our safe water now is is taken from these streams and the process is now use it in these countries are not really sophisticated they are not really more developed that for they can remove all the danger from these waters.

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So that's there are two cases that for most use it as therapeutic agents that in some by some doctors by some physicians a for ladies and for sick peoples and also hormones use it for the grass for production of meats of eggs and of milk and also these hormones use it is almost are now a contaminant agency of the natural like the blue and the streams the water streams and also the soil and the crops it can be it can be brought out by some crops it kinds it these hormones can also be brought out by these waters if they are not treated so they are not sufficiently treated by a sophisticated process yet to remove all the hazardous factors of the hazardous chemicals and also not when the chemicals so hormonal and the chemical and also biological hazardous agents and the problem that these hormones are also involved in as in cancer they are also causes of cancer and the some are rich in some older molecules are used in the production of meat and production of milk and eggs like the rocks are sown that use it because it's a it's a nitro definiely so arsenic acid that we make contain arsenic and arsenic is very dangerous it arrived in metal and it's very dangerous that the most contamination is in the rice that because rice is irrigated is watered by some contaminated water by arsenic in some mini countries and also this the use of rocks are some big traces arsenic acid mechanism or icky which may contain the arsenic that is used in poultry and poultry meats now a contaminated a arsenic because of the rock stars on the use of rocks a stone for in feeds infants nuts WonderWorks assume that when the arsenic is OD copper copper OC is used in some fields that to help the feature in this poultry and and many molecules but these things hormones and antibiotics now are heavily used

Some mantra buting's may also cause cancer a cancer like some cork weeds and many medications now can cause cancer and you know that's every year there are some medication are banned and so each year every year that with the the societies now who are now making or multi-factor and these medications or the medicines now can the stop any stop these medications that when they found and when they when they find that there is dangerous or when they find that the cause this is any so even so cancer or an owner another disease like the I detect in bowel syndrome now the hypertension the diabetes and also some central nervous diseases like Alzheimer like Parkinson and multiple sclerosis the autoimmune some or himming diseases so and hormones that heavy use of these hormones and antibiotics now our army now normal contamination even nuttier that before there is one activity no hormones it or not you but now there are contaminant that because the hormones use it by LEDs as contraceptives or use it in some telepathic as telepathic agents while it is and also her modules in the production so they are discarded into nature and they contaminate they can contaminate the blood they come not not blood of animals they contaminate also crabs animals and they come condemned it also the water streams and also soil and so these things can be brought out by food by meats by milk by by water also and the water should be now controlled and severely control really that you've just so the determinations the lab determination should be done every day and the before distributing and before this water can be distributed to people there should be should be control it and they should see the level and delivered the concentration of these hormones and also the concentration was many heavy metals and also antibiotics and the material a sticking so material so plastic materials and so also some commune nitrate and should fight it's easy to check so and so microorganism problem now is not a problem of microorganism in sake water but the problem of chemicals in safe water and in some region the radiation also is to be control it but these causes and these factors that may cause I can say they have meal cheap they are various factor there are many of them a lot of them and they are acting together in the body that you say that 

So it's not it's not dangerous that we come from or to eat a food that because when we want and it might exist in trusses in this tiny concentration food additive or any contaminate if we contain but together together and for some children even out together and for children that because now the the the leukemia Leukemia and Lymphoma and the cancer of blood now is is running up in children is running up in children that because of these factors that because they are gathered together in the same day in the in the same body and should they act together and they might induce a concern well so firstly I'm very very firstly that the concern now is not 60 years 65 years that the concern now is 15 and 20 years now many many people now young pop know that contracting are cancer so Chawla until on a trapeze of selam aleykum 

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